Delicious food since 1994

Terpsis Cuisine

Our menu is extensive and varied, incorporating traditional Greek fare alongside more modern, cosmopolitan dishes with exciting ingredients and aromatic blends. Whatever you choose from our menu you can be assured of its freshness, its authenticity and the quality of the ingredients.

Terpsis offers you Greek dishes including those slow-cooked in the oven in traditional clay pots; traditional local dishes such as dolmades made from my mother’s own recipe and rabbit stifado, a time-honoured dish and favourite of the locals which is rarely found on restaurant menus.

Local ingredients, recreating recipies


Our Chef

Michalis, our chef, was born in this area and is passionate about recreating recipes from our mothers’ and grandmothers’ families using the finest local ingredients. He picks handfuls of basil, mint, bay leaves, rosemary and oregano from our kitchen garden to season as he cooks and uses only meat from local farms and fruit and vegetables from local growers. If the recipe calls for tomatoes, as it frequently does, only fresh pureed tomatoes will do, even for our sauces. We use extra virgin olive oil from a producer personally known to us and wild fresh honey from a local producer. Feta and yoghurt also come from a producer on the island.

Michalis is very talented not only in reproducing centuries-old recipes but also in creating brand new inventions of his own, combining the finest Greek ingredients to produce exciting new dishes. Two of his most popular creations are chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese, fresh tomato and fresh mint and pork fillet in a sauce of plums, honey and wine … mmm! Those of you with a sweet tooth will be pleased to hear that Michalis makes the traditional Baklavas we serve, as well as the cheesecakes, the profiteroles and the pies but my mother is the only person allowed to make the crème caramel, tiramisu and the chocolate mousse!