Pefkos Lindos, Rhodes

Pefkos or Pefki (Πεύκοι or Πεύκος in Greek) means pine tree or trees and is a beach resort on the east coast of Rhodes, around 3km south of the historic village of Lindos and around 50km from Rhodes Town. The name refers to the large number of pine trees in the area.

In years gone by Pefkos was popular amongst locals from Lindos and Lardos for fishing and was where many Rhodians spent summer weekends and breaks; now the sandy beaches have become more well known and Pefkos has developed into a holiday resort. Although generally quiet during the day when holidaymakers are sunning themselves on the lovely beaches (Lee beach, St Thomas beach and Plakia beach), at evening the resort comes to life and there is a surprising selection of cafeterias, bars and restaurants, most of which open only in the evening.

Pefkos extends along its one central road (albeit with a few side branches) nestled between the coast which is around 400m away and Marmaris range of hills around 200m away. This sheltered position gives the resort a cosy feel and has helped make it a popular destination with Greeks and holidaymakers from further afield.

Terpsis restaurant is easy to find, situated as it is on this road running through the centre of Pefkos, close to the “plateia” or square where taxis and buses stop.

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